Usually made of titanium, dental implants are a safe and dependable replacement for one or more teeth, emulating the structure and function of natural, healthy teeth. Paramount Dental Center - Seattle offers a variety of dental implant services for our patients. Each mouth is different and requires a personalized approach to achieve perfection. All of our professionals are diligently trained and experienced with an array of implant options and procedures, including:

Full-Arch Restoration

In some cases where the goal of conserving the existing teeth with restorative treatments becomes too extreme, it may make more sense to provide the patient with a full-arch remediation on dental implants rather than invest years, money and effort to restore the teeth otherwise just to see them fail soon after. A full-arch prosthesis can be created with as little as five or six implant posts, depending upon the individual case.

Single-Stage Implants

A single-stage dental implant procedure entails putting a longer implant post in the jawbone so that the top of the post reaches the gum tissue. The incision heals leaving the post exposed at the top of the gum tissue where, after a few months of healing, the implant cap can be connected without additional surgical treatment.

Endosteal Implants

Endosteal Implants are surgically placed into the jawbone. Shaped like small screws, cylinders or plates, they are the most often used type of implant. A custom endosteal implant is a cast from surgical-grade titanium metal made to fit comfortably in your jawbone.

After being positioned in the bone, synthetic bone is placed around and over the dental implant, and the gums are closed over it. At that point, removable dentures or partial bridgework can be anchored to the implant posts or onto a bar that sits above the gums. These dental implants are treated with a synthetic bone substance known as Hydroxylapatite (HA). Most of your natural bones consist of naturally occurring HA crystals. This HA finish allows your jaw to accept the implant as if it were a real bone, creating a natural biochemical bond that secures the implant in place.

Custom-made endosteal implants are created from careful measurement, imaging and precise specifications based on your unique anatomy. Using a CT scan, we create a three-dimensional replica of your mouth. The implant will be created to fit this replica, and therefore your actual jaw, perfectly. The endosteal implant is surgically placed in the mouth so that it fits comfortably above the jawbone. Dentures are then finally anchored in place on the implant posts to complete the treatment.

Subperiosteal Implants

“Subperiosteal” refers to an implant that is on top of the bone. Subperiosteal implants are implanted under your gums but on top of your actual jawbone. This type of implant is most commonly used for patients whose jawbone is too shallow to accept a procedure as potentially invasive as an endosteal implant.

Subperiosteal implants are made from a cage-like metal framework that is placed over the arch of the jawbone. After some healing, the bone bonds to the framework and holds it in place, like the roots of a tree. From the framework, small metal rods will extend above the gums, where crowns or false teeth can be fixed to them.

If you are considering dental implants in Seattle, Washington, please give us a call today at 206-464-9002 for more information about your treatment options with our dentist, Dr. Colin Del Rosario, Dr. Alfadhli Abu and Dr. Catherine Parker.