Our dentist and team do all we can to seek out and use the newest and most advanced dental technology in order to provide the best possible dental care. Our team uses 3D imaging, a newer type of X-ray that is more accurate, more efficient and safer.

Paramount Dental Center - Seattle Was the First Dental Practice to Install ORTHOPOS SL 3D Devices in the Entire State of Washington!

This technology is diverse in scope and application, allowing for a variety of ways to help our patients. X-rays and 3D imaging with this device provide a more precise and detailed look at your oral health, giving our team a clearer picture for diagnostics and overall treatment.

The ORTHOPOS SL 3D can help us view dental problems both big and small, giving an overall view of your entire smile or focusing in on a single tooth.

Our dental team in Seattle, Washington, is dedicated to providing you with the most comprehensive dental care we can, and that all starts with precise diagnostic equipment paired with experience and dental know-how that our team is known for. If you have any questions about Paramount Dental Center - Seattle or the equipment we use, please give us a call today at 206-464-9002 for more information from Dr. Colin Del Rosario, Dr. Alfadhli Abu and Dr. Catherine Parker.